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Our Featured Projects From 2019

2019 offered some great challenges that we took head-on. Projects ranged from indoors to outdoors, big and small.

Read more to learn about a small sample of our featured projects from 2019.

McConnell Air Force Base Medium Voltage

In 2019 we took on the difficult task of replacing 62,000′ of 15KV cable. The difficulty of this project was amplified since it was on one of the largest Air Force bases in the midwest. This project meant we had the need for precise coordination in shutdowns to minimize power outages to important facilities on the base.

The project included:

  • 62,000′ of 15KV cable
  • 440 terminations
  • 15 VFI medium voltage switches
  • New pad vaults and manholes

Andover Central High School

Andover Central High School was another great addition to our completed schools. This project was different than most because of its scope. This wasn’t just a building, sports facility, or parking lot. It was everything. This meant we had crews working on one of the six buildings while others were building and setting 100′ Musco Light poles (see our Stryker Sports Complex Installation) at the new football field.

Other aspects included a 14 court tennis facility and 60 parking lot lights.

Dodge City Airport

Airports have always been projects we enjoy and are proud to do. We have completed airport projects all over the state, not just Wichita and this year we added Dodge City as one of those completed projects. This project was a complete overhaul of its lighting system and included:

  • 110 LED base mounted runway lights
  • 36 LED base mounted taxiway lights
  • 9 guidance signs
  • 23,000 L824C cable
  • Reil lights

Steve Clark YMCA

The Greater Wichita YMCA system added another branch to its portfolio by building the Steve Clark YMCA on the campus of Wichita State University. This branch is the 10th in the area and the 8th one that Atlas Electric has been a part of. This specific branch is 85,000 sq ft that includes a full gym, track, pool, hospital quality clinic, and mental health center.

It’s truly an all in one building that serves all aspects of health and we are proud to be a part of it.

Kansas Turnpike Southern Terminal

The Kansas Turnpike system is one of the most highly trafficked roads in the state of Kansas. Running from south Kanas all the way to Kansas City this road provides a valuable route for freight carriers and people simply trying to commute across the state. This project involved adding new Open Road Tolling lanes while also keeping all other lanes open.

New toll booths, the infrastructure to support them, and lighting to light the area were all added. This meant building and setting new high mast light poles and also retrofitting the old ones to newer, more efficient, LEDs.