Atlas Electric, LLC
                                                                   SINCE 2001

Control Voltage & Mechanical Installation    

Koch Industries

In 2005 we removed the entire fire alarm system and changed to a completely new system

In 2007 a new security system was installed that included our work in both control and line voltages

Wichita State University

Atlas Electric teamed up with Sandifer Engineering to perform an energy management installation throughout the entire complex.  Tasks included building control wiring in most of the buildings and terminations of mechanical valves, AHU, and other equipment

USD 259

During the last bond issue HVAC.  Atlas Electric teamed up with Trane and Johnson Controls to provide new building management systems in several of the schools around town


All of the building controls in Cessna's addition of the C-10 building

Misc. Mechanical Work

Numerous mechanical contractors use Atlas Electric for installation of all kinds of mechanical equipment due the specific controls necessary to interlock the different types of energy efficient systems being installed today